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After the duo KKCM (

toured Russia, Ukraine, England, Germany and USA, opening for bands, such as Massive Attack, Tricky, Morcheeba and GUS GUS, 2019 ushers in a plethora of upcoming releases: an EP with Christoph Varga (SEIITH x KIKOKING - Untethering, Neighborhood Sniper, skulls and Boiling over you) on spotify; a second KKCM album; and a highly anticipated Kiko King solo album.


His newest videos are already hitting the mark

for fans, as he continues down the path of

diversion from normal into the odd world of

surreality that he so adamantly wants

to share with his viewers.

Kiko King brings in the new year with plans to release his forthcoming solo project, which includes the recent single ROME (a Kiko King and Robot Koch collaboration), as well as other somber

anthems, such as: Internally Eternal, Cocoon, Resolution for Solitude REMIX, Murder Me,

and Nauseous, to name a few.

Scroll down to listen to

his latest releases

and watch his

brand new videos!

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